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October 18, 2012

JPEG vs TIFF that is the question???

Now that you have all those beautiful shots of the fall leaves and want to show them off you may find yourself doing a little editing
on your computer and re-saving your precious images. Did you know that every time you save a JPEG file (lossy file) it compressesand you lose data that will permanently effect image quality? When you save your original file save as a TIFF (lossless file) and your file will not automatically compress. Go ahead, play with your file and keep saving it as a TIFF without degrading it. If you need a smaller file to Email just save as one last time as a JPEG. One more thing, save a copy of your original, you never know when you might want to go back to it.


September 26th, 2012

Photographing Fall Colours - More Light Isn’t Always Better

It’s almost that time of year, the leaves are just starting to turn and we have a short window to photograph them, a good wind can put an end to the show so quickly. Try photographing them in the soft morning or late day light, even on a slightly overcast day rather than in the harsh mid-day sun. Try aiming the camera up a little to include the bright blue sky if there is one. You can photograph only one or two leaves or even the leaves on the ground if you miss them in the trees. A rainy day can make the wet tree trunks look dark and create a nice effect with the contrast of the colours of the leaves so don’t rule out a rainy day. Include one of your favourite subjects in the foreground using my July tip and use your camera’s fill flash to light them. One great place for stunning fall colour is Wolf grove road. I did that drive for many years and early in the morning or later in the day when the light is right, it can’t be beat. We’re fortunate to live in an area where the fall colours are some of the best so get out there, enjoy the show, and capture some special moments in time.

Please join us at the Brickmoir Digital Creations Studio at 177 Clayton Road during the Crown and Pumpkin Tour www.crownandpumpkin.com October 6th, 7th and 8th we’d love to meet you. View my previous tips at www.Brickmoir.com




August 16, 2012

They say that the eyes are the mirror to the soul and in photography that is very true. Many people do most of their picture taking standing and just aim the camera down at whatever they want to photograph. When they do this, they miss the expression in the eyes and get the top of the subjects' head and the ground. Try getting the camera down to eye level, yes, you may have to crouch or get down on your knees but your pictures will greatly improve. It’s so simple a thing to do but often overlooked, I see people doing it all the time. Whether you have an expensive DSLR or an economical point and shoot, this simple technique will produce great results at no extra cost. Give it a try!


 July 16, 2012

Ever thought of using your camera flash in bright light?

Have you ever had a photograph with a beautiful brightly lit background with the kids, the dog or any favourite subject in the front and had your subject turn out too dark and the background perfect? Pop up that camera flash manually, most cameras allow you to do that, check your manual (it’s often called fill flash) and go ahead and take your picture. Your background will be just right and the flash will light your subject perfectly. You can also use this technique with a sunset in the background. The flash will not affect the background in any way and will do its job with your subject.

Try it, take advantage of those gorgeous backgrounds knowing that your favourite pet or person won’t be left in the dark!


June 7, 2012

Whether you’re taking pictures of your kids, your pets or beautiful flowers in your garden, remember to get up close, fill the frame with your subject and leave everything else out. So before you shoot ask yourself “what is the subject?” and “is there anything in the frame that doesn’t need to be there?” Try it, experiment and you’ll be taking better pictures in no time.

If you’re like me and can’t stand changing camera batteries constantly or missing that perfect shot because your batteries ran out, on your next camera purchase you might want to consider a camera powered by a lithium ion battery. They may cost a little more but are well worth it. They are available in small point and shoot models right up to the more expensive DSLR’s. For even more convenience get a spare battery and you’ll never be out of power.